Basic use instructions

1st Step: Upload your booklet and poster through the "Upload Booklet/Poster" option

To upload the activity form/booklet and the poster you have created, select “Upload Booklet/Poster” on the menu along the left side of the page.

Fill out the fields with the corresponding information/data by typing or selecting between the suggested options

On the “Map” field the location should be selected, either by placing the dot on the desired location directly on the map, or by searching of the address (lens) and then placing the dot in the desired location on the map.

Once you have completed the requested data/information and you have uploaded the form and poster documents, you can click on “Submit” to complete the submission.

Following the final check and activation by the organizing team, your posts will be visible and accessible on the artwork list.


2nd Step: Browse Artworks

You can visit and virtually browse the exhibition and the artworks, once it is fully activated by the organizing team. To Browse, click “Browse” on the menu bar and select one of the following: artwork title, area/city, school or educational level.